indians & coyotes

Daddy... please... again... again... please! What is it about being tossed around & hung upside down that is so much fun? It just is! I remember as a kid that being our favorite thing too! My dad WAS the Incredible Hulk!

So here we were sitting in the family room... "there's a coyote"! Just shy of our backyard! Quick run... get the camera! Terrible... far away... pic... but you get the idea! I just missed getting it's face... shoot! Speaking of shoot... "I'm going to get my shotgun"... "you can't shoot a coyote"... "yes I can"... "not in the neighborhood"... "I wonder if our neighbors would get mad"... "I would love to shoot a coyote"... NO he didn't shoot it! He wanted to though. Sorry! We wouldn't want our little Gretel to be found! I am already freaked out by all the hawks everywhere! This is a bit different than Texas! I seriously doubt an armadillo would give Gretel a second thought!


SoFee said...

Yes, I see it! I SO wished I had a camera when I was driving back to your house from the movies with the girls. I don't think I've ever seen a deer that big! Todd said it could have been an elk. It was feet from the car trying to cross the street - pretty scary & dangerous when you think about it.

I knew you had wild indians around there! Its always loud & crazy there when I call! PLEASE no arrows!!!! (

Melissa said...

HAHAHA - You brought back some memories for me and it wasn't even Way - Back - Wednesday! My sisters and I used to go crazy when my dad threw us, traped us, wrestled with us, tickled - whatever he did it was like magic - and it looks like your hubby has that power with your girls :)

Too fun, and too cute, once again BEF!