train back on track

So... yesterday when i just needed to "breathe"... well i did!

We get those days sometimes (atleast I do) when we feel the "is this it?"... the move has been a bit to handle. We have moved five times since we've been married... we were in our last home (i so loved) six years... and we've only been married ten years! I think that is alot of moving. Our path right now is just really curvy... I'm on the "I'm right where I should be" train... it just gets awfully bumping at times!

So... some pretty new paper & a pretty little face! That is sure to bring a smile!

Friday plans... I'm off to warm up my coffee... jump in the shower (yes! I am still in my robe)... and out we go! Running around town with a mission and a plan!

Here's to a fun & fabulous Friday!


Sara Mincy said...

LOVE that paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to look for some just like it :)

Scrappy Jessi said...

gorgeous papers! lovely little girl.
oxoxox, jessi

SoFee said...

so cute! Where did you get the paper? Not Hobby Lobby???? By the way our H.L. does sell those knobs.

P.S. Did you get that book? 30 days to Live? Let's get 'er done! :)