new dos & some woo hoos

we gals had a super time yesterday! it was simple yet fun!

i found it quite fun watching them
get poofed & pampered. little bit was all smiles... and then campbell thought she was all that after her cut... she was on a "fresh do" high! i love that feeling!

after lunch... a bit of window shopping... we headed home... but it was way to pretty outside (yes! bring on the Spring leaf buds)... so we stopped off to trek to the tunnel near our house... always get giddy screams for the tunnel!

pleeeeease mama... let me take a picture

waiting her turn

absolutely precious watching herself in the mirror

piggy needs a haircut now

we don't need prince charming yet

headed to the tunnel... one of their favorites things to do

just love the feel / look of steel with wood

woo hoooooo



Scrappy Jessi said...

so cute! love all your new do's!

Gypsy at Heart said...

Hey! I also took my son and myself for haircuts yesterday. I know what you mean about hairdo highs. The girls look adorable. This photo-journalistic post of yours was lovely.

Sara Mincy said...

SO FUN!!!!!!! I am so glad I have a little girl- can't wait for those girls outings! Cute haircuts.

Mrs. Jones said...

They are soooo precious! And that profile is angelic. Love piggies do, too.


SoFee said...

You coulda left out that GREEN CREATURE ;)

cjs said...

I don't know whose hair is cuter...your daughter's or yours :o)

Melissa said...

OMG I LOVE YOU HAIR! The girls look adorable, as usual! The pics are all too SWEET!