on my toes...

this morning!
May be Tuesday but it's like
Monday in disguise! :)

I'm actually ready to take on a new day...
a new week...
a fresh new month!

It is a crisp... refreshing... COLD
53 degrees outside this morning...
just enough to bring on
September in style!
It's like a big dose of
"get up & go"!
i just LOVE it!
see... I'm thinking...
Colorado's not so bad after all! :)

Here's to Tuesday...

I'm off to throw on a jacket &
head out...

hope your day is "COOL" too!


Carmen said...

Have a great day Carissa! I thought about you on Saturday while I was at the gym, feeling like I was going to die, in a "boot camp" cardio class. It was awful... in a good way. I felt great afterwards, but I'm certainly not as young (and in shape) as I used to be.



Melissa Ellen said...

Wow 53! That's neat and strange to think of all at the same time for me today.

I'm glad you're ready for your month! Me too! I feel all refreshed and chipper. I want to visit Colorado. It seems so pretty. I'm sure every season that passes you will grow more and more comfy with the place :)

Oh, and could that little window area be any more hip? That's neat!


Dancing Queen said...

53 degrees?????
WOW! am i EVER so jealous!! i don't know if we'll be seeing 53 for a couple months yet...can you box some up and send me some?? just for a breath of fresh air!

yep...keep thinking monday too! at least tomorrow it's already WEDNESDAY!!:)

Jenn said...

We are having a not so refreshing 90+ degree day...but the rest of the week will be turning cool! Yippeee:) Love the cute legs on your mirror Carissa!!


Rachel said...

I love Colorado? We have a plan (or I think we have a plan) but need to get rid of 2 houses in Florida so we can move on out! I was there about 12 years ago and fell in love; everything we read about it seems so awesome...how do you like living there?

Gini said...

It was actually surprisingly cool here this morning. Haven't seen 79 degrees on the thermometer in a LONGGGGG time! Happy day.

Christine said...

WoW 53... thats cool. Fall is definatly upon us. Missouri woke up to humidity like crazy, ugh... there is a reason why God is moving us... hehe. You have such cool things in your house. Is that a mirror or window?? Its very cool.

Can you believe its hump day already tomorrow... yeek. So much still to do.

Have an amazing rest of the monuesday.

Many blessings and lot of love!

Hipmomofboyz said...

Throw on a jacket what are you talking about. It is 100 but really feels like 200 down here in Texas.Just getting out of my car at 9:30 this morning for my PTA meeting made me sweat.......I need some more a/c.

Simply Me... said...

Can I come live by you, it's 90 here, they say we haven't had a 90 degree day in sept since the 6o's I want fall! I want it right now!

Love Ya, Lanny
Keep praying for my man Please!

MamaMia said...

I can't even comprehend 53 degrees...I think the heat is getting to my head.


Gypsy at Heart said...

Yesterday it was way cool here in Houston too. A chilly 87 by comparison to the hundred or so degree heats we'd been having. I broke out the scarf.