our thursday...

rainy & a tidge cold!


the rain let up long enough
for us to head downtown
to the farmers market.

waiting for the drips to stop

belly dancers

to have just a pinch of their confidence...
wow... yikes

say cheeeeeease

mr warrior man sculpture

could we make a quick pit stop

something about this shot... LOVE

one of our fav water fountains

So... gran-mama & gran-papa
(my mom & stepdad) are here
visiting from Kerrville...
it will be a gReAt weekend!

To all of our southern family & friends...
we'll be keeping you in our prayers...
that Ike looks like a stinker!
Be safe!


Beth said...

Wine tasting you have to stop.....your girls are so adorable!

Christine said...

I'm so lovin the pictures.. your eye is really getting amazing! looks like you guys are having so much. hmmm belly dancing, now we should do that to clean up our waistlines. hehe!

much love my sweet friend, defiantly still praying for everyone down south, thinking about you daily... happy hump day!