calling all dunces

is there ANYONE else out there that forgot to "spring forward"?

it was one of THOSE mornings! lots of chaos... lots of "no, i don't want to wear that"... lots of arguing... we left the house with the house in COMPLETE disarray! HUGE mess! rush... rush... rush out the door!

arrived at church... even checked in the kiddos. no one said a word (too polite to embarrass us)! pastor walked up to us & asked if we were just stopping by to say "hi"! he was kidding of course... BUT for pete's sake... we were AN HOUR late! the service was OVER!!!

WHAT! ... didn't even realize it was that time of year! my goodness... where have we've been? an hour late... that's where! :) Todd & i just looked at each other and laughed! gotta laugh!

so a dunce hat... FITS today! off to change some clocks and make up for lost time! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh My Carissa, you are so funny,I posted a post last night to make sure you set your clocks ahead You should of looked at it... Love ya any way! Cute hat I do really like it.I'm glad I wasn't wearing it.HA HA.

Hugs, Lanny

Jessica said...

love your watch!

Sara Mincy said...

OOPS! :) We just couldn't forget even if we tried around here- my mom-in-law emailed us to remind us, and also our pastor!!! I guess they all figured we would forget.

Melissa Ellen said...

I'll say to you what they say to me when I do things like that "You're so PRETTY!" Really, I just love the dunce cap photo of you - too too cute. No wonder your little girls are so adorable - look who they have to model after!

The Barber Bunch said...

I was just surfin' the Blogs and stopped by for a visit.

Beautiful Blog!


Amy said...

Too Funny! We did that a few years ago...BUT, my husband WAS the Associate Pastor of the church. Big time dunce cap for us! We felt so silly and laughed all day about that. We walked into the small group that he was leading at the time...we just couldn't figure out why there were so many cars in the parking lot so early. Hee-Hee!

gordostyle said...

That is sooooo me/us! I'm surprised we remembered! Something to laugh about anyway...and I bet you'll remember next year! Ha!


IslandBaby said...

I am always afraid i'm going to be the one showing up an hour late!!!