pretty posies too

the fun stuff of Spring . . .

flip flops
cute sun hats
fun skirts
wearing white... oh i love white
smell of fresh cut grass
long days of outdoor play
rosy cheeks
spring cleaning & organizing (yes... i love it)
pretty flowers showing their faces
farmer's market
drinking a frozen delight in the sun
bar-b-queing (mmm)
flavored iced tea
opening those windows
spring break
the celebration of Easter


megduerksen.typepad.com said...

it all sounds so nice adn sunny.
i can't wait for all of this!
we have sun today...it's teasing me.

Anonymous said...

Miss Carissa, did you make that basket??? and How?

Hugs, Lanny

SoFee said...

I don't want to be a sour apple, so I'll leave a comment.

Love spring! Hate 'that time of month'.... today, what a way to wake up! :( I've heard of friends being on the same cycle, but not thousands of miles apart!


Melissa Ellen said...

You just named all the things I could think of as my favorite part of spring :)

Gypsy at Heart said...

You forgot chilled mango slices. Ditto for all the rest. I'm living it as I write here in Houston. 67 degrees and a be-u-ti-ful sunny day it is. I'm breaking out the flip flops right now.