wait for me!

Is someone always left out? Is that how it usually balances out? Yesterday Campbell & Ian were like two pioneers out discovering the wide world... leaving little bit in the dust! Well... I know they don't mean to leave her behind (i hope)... she just has a hard time keeping up! Little cutie patootie... she just wants to be included. My sister says she can SO relate... that's how it was for her being the little one among all the cousins! awwwwwe! So... some extra hugs & kisses & mommy being the other mouse made it all better!

Here's to a truly terrific Tuesday!
May everyone feel included... loved!

(taken by little bit... her own fingers)


Melissa Ellen said...

I know how she feels too. Although I was the oldest I was always the quietest so I often played by myself outside. Looks like you both had fun though. What a cutie for the millionth time!

Brené said...

what a nice thing to wish the world - "may every one feel included!" It would be such a kinder, gentler place, wouldn't it?