i could come up with a ton...

I've been tagged by the really creative IslandBaby to share six non-important things / habits / quirks about myself.

Okay... so here are six really quick... off the cuff... silly things!

  • I could not… would rather not try… going without coffee in the morning. When I’m up I walk straight to the coffee maker!

  • I think I have some level of OCD! Cans in the pantry… items in the fridge… storage under the sink… etc. must face the same way. I label everything that can be labeled. My head can spin around… like a mad woman… when things get really messy in the house.

  • When making a list… writing a note… jotting down a reminder… if I don’t like the way it looks… I throw it away & start over! No matter how many times it takes to “look right”! I know… nuts!

  • With it warming up… becoming Spring… the mere thought of putting on a swimsuit right now gives me the chills! No way!

  • I will use Kleenex if we run out of tp just to delay going to the grocery store… can’t stand grocery shopping. Plain silly!

  • I just ate a Milky Way bunny let over from yesterday! And I wonder why I don’t want to put on a swimsuit!

I now tag. . . you! You know who you are... I know who you are! :) Play along... it's fun! I can't wait to learn a few quirks about you too! :)


HipMomma said...

OK, I think you need to come up with sillier things. Those are just everyday stuff for most of us.

Trish said...

And I thought I was an organizer...even your labels are perfect.

Gini said...

My sister's sister-in-law is an expert on OCD and has given me the "all clear" that I am NOT an OCD psycho. It is OK to have a touch of it and not be a lunatic!!! I too, must have all labels facing forward - ask me what a challenge that is with glass doors on my pantry??

cjs said...


would just love to take a walk through your home!

Amy said...

Oh my...were we separated at birth? I had to giggle with the note writing...I sooooo do that! Plus, my most favorite Valentine's Day gift from my hubby...a label maker! Oh yes...I love that thing! So many fonts!
Thanks for sharing your tid-bits!

Melissa Ellen said...

I'm like that with notes too - I used to have a terrible time with worksheets too - I'd erase like nobodies business!

Thanks for sharing - you are too cute - and try not to wrry about the choc bunny - you are super duper cute and have not a thing to worry about for the swimsuit season :)

Gypsy at Heart said...

Loved the bloomers tag. Will have to make me one of those.