some saturday fun

I should have been cleaning... catching up on laundry... fluffing the pillows for my sister's arrival... BUT I wanted to have some fun! :)

Pictures just do not do it justice! Just don't! :) My grandmama gave me this Lane dresser a while back... how incredible is that! I just love the fact that it was hers! I am crazy for it... crazy for the lines of it! Really simple... clean... and hip to boot!

Anyway... I hope her eyes do not pop out of socket... I distressed it! Really aged it & put "wear" on it. I love the way it turned out. It is a really warm heirloom white (cream). For me... I love the look! Just for what I was shooting!




Have a superb Saturday! Really enjoy! Do something fun! :)


Anonymous said...

This is the First Lady here....

LOVE it! I remember Mom and Dad getting that furniture (bedroom) somewhere in the really early 60's if not late 59....you do the math! A great redo! You are so talented! Love, love, love it! (and the Fox Family, too)

HipMomma said...

Love love what you did to it!

Sara Mincy said...

Looks great!!!

Amy said...

You did a great job! I love it...I'm sure your grandma would be proud! ;) Hope you have a good time with your sister arriving in town!

cjs said...

LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute and I LOVE the crystal knobs you added (I have the very same ones on a chest I painted last summer)!!

Melissa Ellen said...

You are awesome! That looks great! Please teach me everything you know. A girl can dream!

megduerksen.typepad.com said...

that is so nice!
i love that detail on the top...makes it so different. it looks so good!
and isn't it so gratifying?