green beans too

Well... hello... Tuesday! A brand new day is under our feet. A new chance to take on the day!

With Spring whispering at the back of my neck I thought it might be fun to see some refreshing green! I love green! It's like crisp grass between your toes... it's like a tall glass of iced tea... it's like a long nap in a hammock on the porch... it's like the sounds of kids playing outside.... it's like a big 'ol stack of big bucks! :) Gotta love it!

So... here are some more pics from around the 'ol house... this time GREEN!

Here's to a day full of growth & happiness! blessings. . .


Amy said...

I just found your blog...so, I'm delurking here. ; )

Love your pictures and I echo your 'Joy'.
Fun stuff!

Scrappy Jessi said...

great shots! i love green!!

Honorary Indian said...

Such pretty shades of green. I always think of Kermit...it's not easy being green, but it sure is a pretty color to look at! :)

I especially adore the green eye. Beautiful.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Looking forward to your Way Back Wednesday tomorrow. I've got a funny one up my sleeve....

cjs said...

I've been perusing your flicker pics and...

your home is absolutely lovely.

I am inspired.

Melissa said...

I have trouble choosing favorites but I think my color has always been green. You really do add light to my life! Thanks for the living color :) What style, what grace you have!

Brené said...

the only word I can come up with to describe your work is "joyful" - I just love looking!

megduerksen.typepad.com said...

so pretty.
green is always my favorite.
i like most colors but always end up with green in my eyes. it's what i am drawn too.