what a time...

Good food... good friends... great laughs! Wow! You know when you have a hard time controlling your bladder wall... you are laughing hard! These times... these memories... are what keep you going!

Sophia took me straight to Spanish Flowers for some pure bliss!

my goal for the weekend... let my mind RELAX!

though is was humid as heck... all the color was beautiful!

we even had some fun... coloring on our men!

they had a hard day of fishing... poor babies!

some tri-atheletes from Lonestar Triathlon

super star Nancy! tri-athlete!!! truly remarkable!

welcomed home with a colorful banner... yummy roast... and lots of hugs!
granmama survived!

couldn't wait to see their precious faces!

how cute are these "salad ladies" they made! granmama rocks!

You gals are super... thanks for all the comments! SO fun! I even have some new gal pals to meet! I'll do drawings later today! :)

Marvelous Monday to you!


Sara Mincy said...

Love those salad ladies! Cute, and funny about writing on the men!!!

Lanny said...

Carissa, glad your all home safely.
Hugs! Lanny.

Gini said...

There should be a mandatory class that all grandma's take that teach how to do such fun things with grandkids!!! For those of us lacking in that department...

Melissa Ellen said...

Looks like such a GREAT TIME! You deserve it too!

I missed ya though :)

Those salad girls are SO SO CUTE! No wonder you're so dand creative!

Funny pics of the guys too. Isn't Sophia your best friend? Is she the one who suprised you with a visit a few months back?


M.KATE said...

this is an interesting post, loved the pic :)