i feel like barking! grrr! i have a slight issue! there is something missing! i am going nuts! this is something i rely on quite a bit... i use it everyday... many times more than once a day! i have had a dream of getting a better... new one of these in the Spring... but not now! good gahlee! what am i to do? i'm really going bonkers! this thing is important! i have to have it!

you know when you lose something... that could only be in a few places... it drives you nuts. where could it have gone... really! you look everywhere! i am VERY particular about putting things back where they belong. i've looked & looked. called the hubby...as i suspected... he has no idea! the kids... no idea!

i know when i last used it.

really... come on... did it grow legs & walk off?!?!?!

have any guesses as to what i might be referring to... what is missing that is making me crazy?

here's to Monday! may i find this very important item! may you have a day FULL of sunshine & cheer! hip hip hooray!


Kate of All Trades said...

I'm guessing it's your camera!

Melissa said...

I don't know...I missed you though. I can't stand losing things either. I'm gonna go ahead and guess its the hair dryer...on second though, the camera was an awesome guess and I'm jumping on that one.

Audrey said...

I loved this post. You have quite a sense of humor. Nice blog.