lucky me

good morning to you... good morning to you...

We're off to for a day of skiing! should be fun & quite interesting! my sister & I have not skied together since we were probably 14ish! Pray for ME!!! I am going to have to pull out some serious energy & strength... from where... not sure! :)

If you have a second... take a peek over here... this really great gal Shauntelle featured our home on her blog... Beautiful Abode! Way fun! Her site has lots of great tips & many pretty pictures!

Here's to a day full of strength & vigor! The kind we thought we never had!


Melissa Ellen said...

That's awesome! I love your house!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!

I linked the site...TOO COOL!

You wear many hats :)

Have fun skiing! I love water skiing - but snow skiing kinda scares me. I like sledding though. It'll be fun with your sis! Guess you wouldn't be doin' that in Texas, huh?

M.KATE said...

hi there, have a fantastic weekend :)

IslandBaby said...

Hope you had fun skiing....you've been tagged! :)