way back... wednesday

Bad picture quality... great memories! My word... was this back when we thought it was okay to just bake out in the sun!!! Tan-o-rama! My sister & me! This was a family trip to Cozumel must have been around 1995... I'm guessing. It was way fun! Driving mopeds... snorkeling... eating like pigs... naps in the afternoon... playing cards at night... drinking coke from glass bottles... laughing til it hurt!

That is the great thing about family time... the memories... they are always there... living in your heart... to draw on when you need them. No one can take them away... those memories are yours to treasure!


Amy said...

Great thoughts! I'm actually reading a great book regarding those same 'thoughts'. How to help plant them in your child's heart and life. I have such a good memories of family too! Hope you have had fun with your sister!

By the way, I think we all 'baked' a bit too much when were that age!

Melissa Ellen said...

You are right! No one can take those memories away! So special.

You two look like you're having quite the time. I love baking in the sun - too bad I freckle and burn (I'll eventually get a tad tan). The Sun just does wonders for my mood too. The family vacation sounds like an awesome time - and exactly what I would have enjoyed myself!

Thanks for always making the day so much brighter with your little thoughts. They sure are beautiful!