way back... wednesday

Actually taken three years ago from today! Not way back... but oh... how they've grown already!

Big sis... lil sis... that will never change! There will always be a bond there that nothing will erase!

Riley still looks at big sis with sparkles in her eyes... wants to be JUST like her! She's like a little duckling right behind her mama... waddle waddle. With each day Campbell becomes a bit more tolerant... hey she's not so bad to play with. Pretty soon they will be borrowing each others clothes... oh Lordy... that's when it gets interesting!

One day they will know just how blessed they are to have each other! It makes me happy knowing they are sisters... side by side... through thick & thin!


Amy said...

Such sweet pictures! I love your 'Way back Wednesday' theme. Such a great idea.

by the way...I love the name Campbell...we considered that name for our last...but he was a boy!

Sara Mincy said...


cjs said...

they're beautiful! time goes too fast, doesn't it?

your blog is so...delightful. it's no wonder you were showcased on delightful blogs.

have a lovely day with your lovely girls.

HipMomma said...

They are just precious! It's the same here with little sis/big sis. There's always a shadow.

Melissa Ellen said...

This post really made my heart sing. Look at those little dolls. LOVE LOVE!

Trish said...

Looks like there are TWO brown eyed Foxes at your house. You and the baby. Your girls are beautiful.